About Gemini Info Services Technologies

Having belief in moving from concept to vision, Gemini Info Services is one of the leading technology consulting firms whose customized products and innovative software solutions have helped several clients to realize their full potential, maximize business values and achieve their business objective. We are not just a vendor to our clients but a partner throughout the life cycle of any project and help them take their business to the next level. We offer a wide spectrum of services in custom software development, software product development, software testing, web development, web application, mobile application, technical support services, content management solution and e-commerce solution.

Deep understanding of market dynamics and business processes across various industry verticals gives us a competitive edge in the market. Our excellent team of highly qualified and experienced software professionals provides the clients with cutting edge technology tools and innovative solution to remain ahead in competition. We employ latest software development tools and project management techniques to serve our customers and ensure timely project completion covering every stage of software development life cycle (SDLC). We serve all types of companies, whether they be a fresh start-up's or large established companies

A word or two about our experience and expertise

Before soliciting our service, you would obviously like getting a hang of our experience and expertise. Our range of expertise with respect of web designing and development consists of the following:

  1. Employment portals
  2. Sites on dating, wedding and engagement
  3. Site/portal for managing doctors' appointment
  4. Management of medical store
  5. Business portals
  6. Sites relevant to educational institutions
  7. Portals facilitating the sale and purchase of online products
  8. Sites meant for freelancer biding

What we propose to do

Gemini Info Services Technologies aims to provide software development services to the client which help their business to grow rapidly and in line with the ever changing market dynamics. We build business software and solutions that proactively looks at increasing the ROI of the business. We intend to offer our expertise in software and web development infused with latest technology, and dedication of our team to develop path breaking business solution for our clients.

We atGemini Info Services provide web development solutions to clients. We happen to be a privately managed software company. Having been in biz since 2009, we know what it takes to deliver effectively optimized website solutions. Being knowledgeable, skilful and experienced is as important as being focused, organized and accessible. It is the proactive interplay of different facets and factors that count, for etching the much needed stamp of difference. This is precisely where we chip in with our exemplary role, in providing you with solutions that are user friendly, easy to navigate, secured and salable.

Priorities and propositions

Commitment, dedication and concerted focus on quality include our slot of priorities. Irrespective of the scale, extent and range of your business/product/service; acquiring the cuts and chisels of profit would be your driving prerogative. Going in for further expansion would also be one of your objectives. In the current of existence, both are virtually impossible, without the supportive backup of an online entity. Moreover, it is not enough that you are in with an online entity. The entity created has to be managed, maneuvered and relevantly equipped with the cuts and chisels of optimization. No matter what the promotional objective is, every website is uniquely apart from the other. Even if promotional and business objectives are more or less alike; their online perspectives are sure to vary.

Focus on customization

This in turn makes way for the relevant role-play of customization. Onus lies with the web designers and developers to customize plans that are compatible to clientele prerogatives. Similar happens to be our focus and perspective at Gemini Info Services . We are open to your ideas and interaction. That's because we believe in complying with your exact lay of requisitions.

What we propose to do

So far, we have been successfully catering to the needs and propositions of Indian clients, by creating sites that are usable, effective and easy to handle. Next in line, is to achieve global success and credibility. We are armed with a qualified array of designers, developers, programmers, illustrators, optimizers, writers and graphic animators. With the effective interplay of technology, knowledge, dedication and expertise; we propose to achieve groundbreaking success


To simplify technology & create solutions to exceed expectations.


To be recognized as an international IT consulting firm by providing exemplary service to clients through our technical and business practices; fostering a work environment that embodies excellence, professionalism, ethics and continued career advancement; while promoting company growth and prosperity for the continued advancement of the entire organization.


We are a team of young entrepreneurs who have teamed up to have a common venture for software development and technology support.


Trust: We advocate a passion for client satisfaction in all aspects of our technical services and business practices. Knowledge: Our people are our greatest asset. We endeavour to assist organizations and individuals in achieving their strategic business objectives through the successful application of information technology. Experience: Our past work strives to provide a work environment that embodies technical excellence, professionalism, ethics, teamwork and continued career advancement.

Integrity: Our underlying foundation is integrity and it has served as the catalyst that drives our business.

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